SONY Rec & Share with the new XDCAM family

Meet all-new XDCAM. The popular pro camcorder family has been reinvented for a new generation. With spectacular picture quality, multi-codec flexibility and wireless streaming, it’s never been easier to create and share great-looking content with absolute
Explore Sony’s latest handheld camcorder line-up – and discover the evolution of XDCAM by Sony:
  • PXW-X70
  • PXW-X180/PXW-X160
  • PXW-X200
  • PMW-300K1/2
  • PMW-400K&L
  • PXW-X500
  • PXW-FS7/K
The moment is yours
Who knows what’s going to happen next? With all-new XDCAM, you’re ready to capture and to share the excitement and drama of every special moment.
Sony’s legendary XDCAM family of professional camcorders is made for busy content creators whose creative ambitions know no limits. From ultra-compact handhelds to tough shoulder-mounting workhorses, every model in the next-generation XDCAM family serves up the creative flexibility, sure handling and sheer reliability that broadcasters the world over depend on.
Better pictures when it matters
Whatever you’re shooting – news, docs, sports or web TV – XDCAM puts fabulous pictures right at the top of the agenda. Sony’s famous image sensors give you crisper detail, richer colours, wider dynamic range and ultra-low noise, even when you’re chasing the light indoors or at dusk. Wherever your creative impulse or the action takes you, you’ll be rewarded by HD images with that extra wow factor that audiences love.
Agile new XDCAM is more flexible than ever, slotting right into today’s file-based workflows with multi-codec support that now includes XAVC. So you can be sure that your pictures will look better than ever, whether they’re destined for broadcast, Blu-ray or the web.
XAVC - tomorrow’s pictures today
We’ve created new XDCAM to suit the way today’s content creators really work. And at the heart of XDCAM is support for the XAVC format that’s rapidly becoming the new standard for image quality and flexibility – whether you’re making news, music promos or no-budget movies.
XAVC is based around the H.264 coding standard, giving XDCAM the next step in codec performance with reduced bitrates and file sizes without sacrificing brilliant on-screen quality. It’s also an extremely flexible and scalable coding scheme, supporting pixel resolutions from low-res proxies right up to 4K.
Better still, there are now two version of XAVC to meet different workflow needs. The first intra-frame version of XAVC that encodes each frame individually, with no need to refer to preceding or successive frames. And that means it’s easier to edit , perform instant slow motion replay and produces fewer on-screen artefacts, especially with scenes containing rapid motion.
There’s also a new Long GOP based, providing files at HD4:2:2 with 10-bit precision right up to a maximum 50 Mbps for spectacular picture quality at normal broadcast bitrates. XAVC has been developed by Sony as an open format. Over 50 leading companies are already supporting the XAVC format and workflow with a fast-growing ecosystem of NLEs, servers and other products that makes it an even more appealing solution for media professionals everywhere.
In touch with your audience
You can’t afford to hang around, and XDCAM is made for a fast-paced socially connected world. Stream content live over Wi-Fi, or send web-friendly MP4 files wirelessly right to your smartphone at a single touch for instant sharing. Getting your story in front of a global audience has never been easier.
The moment is now. Record, share and bring your own creative vision to life with XDCAM. The world’s favourite professional camcorders, reinvented for a new generation.
Meet the all-new XDCAM camcorder family

The brand new PXW-X70 unleashes unprecedented creative power at an extraordinary price.
A new benchmark in handheld camcorders, it’s the first 4K-ready XDCAM ultra-compact featuring a huge 1” sensor for extraordinary low-light sensitivity plus up to 24x Clear Image zoom and ultra-fast autofocus.
You’ll see the difference with sensational picture quality and a host of workflow-friendly features, from GPS to Wi-Fi with NFC and live streaming.
The PXW-X180 maximises your creative options with three 1/3-inch type Exmor CMOS sensors for high sensitivity, low noise and wide dynamic range. You’re covered in virtually any shooting situation with a premium G Lens that an industry-leading 25x optical zoom range and wide angle performance. For even greater production flexibility there’s a unique variable ND filter, plus wireless connectivity, NFC and GPS. The PXW-X160 offers exactly the same imaging performance as the PXW-X180, but does not include its sibling’s wireless, NFC and GPS functions. 
Replacing Sony’s immensely popular PMW-200, this worthy successor has plenty more to offer in a wide range of broadcast news and corporate production applications.
Full HD picture quality is all ready for prime time, thanks to three ½-inch type CCD sensors that combine low noise with extended sensitivity. Optical zoom range now stretches to 17x, giving wider opportunities to grab great-looking images from a highly portable camera with legendary Sony ergonomics.
Multi-format support now includes XAVC Intra and Long GoP codecs alongside MPEG-2 HD422 and SD. Wi-Fi with NFC One-touch connection to mobile devices allows speedy wireless file transfers and live streaming (TBC). And with GPS on board for geo-tagging footage, you’re all set to see the world.
Compact but uncompromising, this feature-packed semi-shoulder mounting camcorder delivers superb low-light performance thanks to three 1/2-inch type Exmor CMOS Full HD sensors.
Now upgraded to support XAVC Intra. 
The ubiquitous camcorder choice for newsgathering and field-based production, this immensely versatile yet cost-effective workhorse now benefits from a XAVC Intra upgrade. Assuring spectacular Full HD picture quality, three 2/3-inch type Exmor CMOS Highly Sensitive sensors are teamed with a powerful 16x optical zoom lens yet cost effective (on K model).
Sony’s power-packed new XDCAM flagship camcorder combines class-leading ergonomics with three 2/3-inch type CCD sensors for unsurpassed Full HD picture quality.
Today’s workflow options are amply covered, with multi-codec support spanning SD, MPEG-2 HD422 and – naturally – new XAVC Intra and Long GoP up to MPEG-4 (HDCAM SR) as standard. As a further refinement, DNxHD and ProRes codecs can be specified as additional options – so you’re covered for virtually any production scenario.
Real-world workflow is further enhanced with built-in Wi-Fi for speedy wireless file transfers and live streaming (TBC). Best of all, fibre or triax adapter options transform the PXW-X500 into a fully-fledged live production system camera.
Whether you’re producing documentaries, music videos or corporate productions, the shoulder-mounting PXW-FS7 combines legendary Sony picture quality with immense creative flexibility and class-leading ergonomics.
Optimised for single-user shooting, the PXW-FS7 is light and easy to handle with a sealed die-cast magnesium chassis for robust usability in dusty or humid environments.
The Super35 “Exmor” CMOS sensor delivers stunning 4K images with 422 10-bit sampling at up to 600 Mbit/s, with support for recording formats including XAVC Intra& Long GOP, MPEG-2 HD 422 and Apple ProRes 422*. Sony’s versatile α Mount System offers near-limitless artistic options plus the benefits of Silent Focus Technology and Electrical Iris Control.
XDCA-FS7 is required. Apple ProRes 422 will be supported via Firmware Update early 2015.