LAWO mc²36 Mixing Console

All-in-one Production Console
The new mc²36 is the German company’s first all-in-one console, designed for maximum ease-of-use and “unbelievable” value-for-money, to make the benefit of this expertise available for an even broader group of users. The compact size, in-built DSP and I/0 make the new console equally perfect for permanent installations with limited space and rental companies’ transportation demands.

Lawo quality – audio uncompromised
Like all Lawo consoles, the mc²36 is a precision tool designed to give uncompromised audio quality and maximum reliability. Beyond the feature set of a fully equipped audio console, the mc²36 provides additional Lawo-specific features that improve the workflows and quality of any broadcast, theater production or live performance.

Lawo openness – future-proof by definition
While the mc²36 comes fully prepared for stand-alone operation, it is also equipped for expansion and networking with other mc²36/56/66 consoles or Lawo Nova audio routers. A MADI tie-line port and three RAVENNA/AES67 Audio-over-IP ports provide future-proof connectivity for additional I/0 devices and networking.

Lawo flexibility – truly universal
And even though the mc²36 is ready-to-go, it is not limited to a fixed configuration. Any aspect of the console can be adapted to meet specific users’ needs. All production data can be easily saved on a USB-stick and transferred to another console – particularly convenient for rental applications.

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