Sachtler SC300 Camera Backpack - Shell

Compact camera backpack featuring ergonomic shell design with unique opening system designed to protect your equipment. Designed with functionality in mind the padded backpack is constructed of breathable 3D mesh with CoverUp all elements protection.
  • Compact ergonomic shell design with padded carrying handle.
  • Unique opening system designed to protect the backpack when placed on the ground.
  • Breathable 3D mesh ensures comfort when carrying over extended periods.
  • Safe-Shell protects your delicate equipment.
  • Removable internal rigid dividers for custom configuration.
  • Double sided exterior monopockets for extra storage.
  • CoverUp all-elements protection system with removable cover for adverse weather conditions.
Internal Length 47.0 cm 18.5 in
Internal Width 30.0 cm 11.8 in
Internal Height 22.0 cm 8.6 in
External Length 50.0 cm 19.6 in
External Width 37.0 cm 14.5 in
External Height 25.0 cm 9.8 in
Weight 1.9 kg 5.6 lbs