Grass Valley GV GUARDIAN

Remote Monitoring Application
GV GUARDIAN alleviates the biggest risk factor facing broadcasters today — the possibility of on-air failure—while it tackles the challenges associated with staffing, system management and problem mitigation. With GV GUARDIAN, proactivity is easy and problem resolution is fast, precise, and complete.

Key Features:
  • SNMP, RMON, WMI, and Syslog interfaces to a potentially unlimited number of devices
  • Automatic device discovery and configuration across multiple subnets and WANs
  • User-customizable dashboards
  • User-configurable actions definable by event and device type
  • Reports for resource usage statistics alarms based on values and thresholds
  • Generate alarms/status and automatically restart processes, daemons, and services
  • Report directory structure, file, and folder access (including config and .ini file) changes with alerts based on values and thresholds
  • Alarms based on repeated instance of an event, value, or threshold
  • Drill down to access event details
  • Import configuration from spreadsheets
  • Incorporate third-party MIBs with no engineering effort
  • Enabling of cloud-based storage for data and logs