Grass Valley Vertigo Suite

Branding Graphics Automation and Asset Management
Vertigo graphics automation and asset management tools are designed for easy and highly productive graphics generation. For more complex graphics requirements, including dynamic rendering and large facility graphics management, there are a range of additional modules that deliver optimal workflows.

Key Features
Delivering rich graphics without high operating costs
  • Simplifies the creation of sophisticated, multilayer graphics combining text crawls, animated graphics, DVEs and audio inserts. This allows a higher graphics output, without increasing operational costs.
Highly adaptable workflows
  • A choice of highly productive workflows includes pre-rendering using After Effects, and a choice of dynamic rendering models using graphics templates, including data push to the graphics template and ID/time-based data look-up options
Simplifying complex, data-driven graphics
  • Powerful tools for data-driven graphics, which suit even the most demanding applications, such as business news graphics
Improved creativity
  • By increasing graphics automation and reducing repetitive tasks, graphics personnel can spend more time on more rewarding and creative aspects of their work
Easier graphics automation
  • Simplified automation of even the most complex promotional sequences. Instead of managing multiple secondary events, a single automation recall can drive complex graphics sequences
Improved graphics consistency
  • A higher level of graphics automation can minimize errors and provide more time for graphics previewing