SONY ODS-L10 Optical Disc Archive 10-slot library

Easy and efficient archive management with mini robotic library
The Optical Disc Archive ODS-L10 is a 10-slot compact robotic library. Suitable for various applications, it is specifically designed for those with small- to medium-scale production systems, where media assets are managed by several users.
Easy to use for efficient archive management
High reliability is achieved with incredibly durable optical discs, and it is as easy to use as conventional external storage devices. Additionally, as it employs removable media and as you can archive rarely accessed data on shelves, you need not worry about exceeding storage capacity limits. With all these qualities, this mini robotic library makes shelf-based archive management easier and more efficient.
Mini robotic library
The ODS-L10 holds up to two Optical Disc Archive drives, such as the ODS-D55U, a maximum of ten cartridges, and a built-in robotic mechanism in a 7U, 19-inch rack-mountable chassis.
Great flexibility
Since it can be mounted on a table or in a 19-inch rack, you can use the ODS-L10 anywhere, including a small office or a server room. And as it holds up to two drives and ten cartridges, you can configure your system to fit your needs. It has a web-based application for immediate use and can be accessed by up to five clients simultaneously.
Categorisation by cartridge
The ODS-L10 contains up to ten cartridges, storing a maximum of 15 TB with ten ODC1500R cartridges, and you can use different cartridges per category or user. Placeholder to archive together multiple files from different folders and add text metadata when archiving files.
File manager
The ODS-L10 is connected to a host computer via Ethernet, and the drive unit installed in this library is connected to the host computer via USB3.0. After File Manager software is installed on a host computer, all operations are controlled with a web-based GUI from each client computer. It uses a simple Drag & Drop operation to archive and retrieve files and provides the opportunity for the user to add text metadata when archiving files.