SONY Professional Monitors, Software (Auto White Adjustment, Upgrade Utility)

From LCD to 3D, Sony's leading range of professional monitors for reference, broadcast and professional applications feature our award-winning TRIMASTER EL™, ChromaTru and OLED technologies.

Auto White Adjustment
Monitor_AutoWhiteAdjustment is a PC software application for measuring and adjusting the colour temperature and luminance of a monitor. It can be used with ten of the most popular colour analyser probes available on the market. Refer to the User Guide and ReadMe file for further information.

Supported probes
i1 Pro, i1 Pro 2 (X-Rite)
CA-210, CA-310, CS-200 (Konica Minolta)
PM5639/06 (DK-Technologies)
PR-655, PR-670 (Photo Research)
K-10 (Klein)
Specbos1211 (JETI)
Note: It is necessary to install the specified driver or software related to the probe.
Applies To
BVM-E170, BVM-E170A, BVM-E250, BVM-E250A, BVM-F170, BVM-F170A, BVM-F250, BVM-F250A, LMD-1541W, LMD-1751W, LMD-2041W, LMD-2051W, LMD-2341W, LMD-2451TD, LMD-2451W, LMD-4251TD, LMD-940W, LMD-941W, LMD-A170, LMD-A220, LMD-A240, PVM-1741, PVM-1741A, PVM-2541, PVM-2541A, PVM-740, PVM-741, PVM-A170, PVM-A250
Compatibility information
This software is compatible with all Sony professional monitors BVM/PVM/LMD except the LMD-10/30 series.
However, for LMD-2451W and LMD-940W, this sofware is only compatible for the serial number ranges specified below:
LMD-2451W   (s/n: 3000998 or higher)
LMD-940W     (s/n: 3004727 or higher)
Monitor Upgrade Utility
Monitor_Update is a PC software application for updating the software and the FPGA of multiple monitors at the same time. Refer to the User Guide for further information.
NOTE: Monitor_Update is only compatible with Windows 7 and higher (refer to User Guide for system requirements).
CAUTION: he bar graph does not respond in real time during the upgrade. However, progress can be checked by clicking the FILE icon and selecting the DISPLAY LOG function.
DO NOT STOP the upgrade and DO NOT POWER OFF the monitor whilst performing the upgrade, otherwise permanent damage may occur to the monitor and it will have to be sent back to a service centre for repair.