SHAPE Multi-purpose Mounting Cheese Plate

Multi-purpose 33-hole SHAPE cheese plate (¼” thick). Precision machined in one piece for durability. Mount various accessories and devices. Made of anodized aluminium.
  • *Battery & AJA not included with the SHAPE CHEESE PLATE*
  • SHAPE CHEESE PLATE is a multi-purpose anodized aluminum camera accessory mounting plate.
  • This precision-machined, one-piece cheese plate is mounted on a 15mm ROD BLOC (¾” thick) for optimal stability.
  • The 33-hole SHAPE cheese plate (¼” thick) enables you to mount a variety of accessories and devices on your camera rig.
  • Here are some of the more common accessories used with the SHAPE CHEESE PLATE: rods, articulating arms to hold LCD monitors and converter boxes including the AJA Ki Pro Mini.
  • You can attach a plate and battery on one side and an AJA Ki Pro Mini on the other.
  • SHAPE CHEESE PLATE works with both Anton Bauer 3-Stud and IDX V-Mount style batteries.
  • You can use the SHAPE MULTI-PURPOSE MOUNTING CHEESE PLATE to mount a variety of accessories, brick style batteries and battery plates.
  • The battery plate and battery mounted on the SHAPE CHEESE PLATE can also be used as counterbalance.
  • You can still add more counterbalance by attaching counter-weights to the back of the rig along with the SHAPE CHEESE PLATE.
  • One single red knob enables easy and fast adjustments of the plate on the 15mm rods to also counterbalance the camera support.
  • Magic arms can be mounted directly into the 15mm holes of the plate.
  • They are ideal for mounting lights, monitors and audio devices.
  • (4) screws needed to mount the AJA Ki Pro Mini,
  • (4) screws for the IDX plate and
  • (4) screws for the Anton Bauer plate.
  • With four (10/32”) threaded holes on each side to attach a bracket for an audio receiver and several (¼ - 20” and 3/8 - 16”) holes, your mounting options are endless.