Comfortable padded nylon belt with Velcro fastener. Perfect for lessening the weight on your shoulder. Ideal for SHAPE’s TELESCOPIC SUPPORT ARMS. Loops at the front for holding the multifunction shoe. Additional loops to clip accessories.
  • The SHAPE BELT is the perfect accessory for all our camera supports equipped with the SHAPE TELESCOPIC SUPPORT ARM.
  • The SHAPE BELT has two large loops at the front.
  • These loops are designed to hold the cup found at the extremity of the SHAPE TELESCOPIC SUPPORT ARM.
  • Instead of putting the cup directly on your abdomen, the cup can rest on the SHAPE BELT.
  • Your comfort and the stability of the camera rig are thus increased.
  • The SHAPE BELT provides additional loops that can be used to attach tools and accessories for fast access.
  • The belt is comfortable and padded. It is adjustable using the strong Velcro fastener.
  • ARM1
  • ARM2