2013. április 10.

AXON hírek NAB 2013

Axon previews industry-first Audio Video Bridging (AVB) innovations at NAB 2013
New uncompressed live video content over standard Ethernet delivery infrastructure ‘signals the beginning of the end for SDI’

AVB innovations
Axon, the broadcast infrastructure, monitoring and control specialist, will use NAB 2013 as a platform to call all broadcasters to embrace the benefits of an AVB-based (Audio Video Bridging) future. An open set of standards established by the IEEE, AVB is expected to transform the way broadcasters manage and deliver live video production content over Ethernet. Axon will provide a technology preview showcasing the practical applications of AVB in its market-leading Synapse product range.

The heart of broadcast
Axon will also be using NAB to position and reinforce the central and mission-critical role its solutions play in a broadcaster’s infrastructure - under its new company strategy, ‘The heart of broadcast’.

New products
In addition, Axon will be introducing 15 new products and enhancements to existing products aimed at improving studio and OB broadcast applications. These include:
  • The GIX100/110 dual-channel high-performance 3Gb/s, HD and SD SDI video and embedded audio probes with clean video switchover functionality
  • The HLD100, a video delay system which can delay up to six hours of HD-SDI video by using a high quality JPEG2000 compression to ensure visual lossless transparency
  • The GMA100/110/120/130/140 dual SDI (up to 3Gb/s) embedded domain audio shufflers with a 64-channel MADI input or output.

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