2013. április 03.

EVS hírek NAB 2013

NAB, booth #SL2416 - EVS, the leading provider of live video production systems, will present the following solutions at NAB 2013
World's first 4K live slow-motion replay system
EVS will present a prototype of the world’s first 4K live slow-motion replay system at NAB. A private demonstration will take place at the EVS booth #SL2416.
EVS’ XT3 live production server will ingest four 3G-SDI feeds , while playing back another four 3G-SDI feeds to provide instant replay of live 4K video. This is the equivalent of 16 live HD channels to guarantee live support of eight million pixels at 50 or 59.94 frames per second.
In this world-first demo, the XT3 server will be used in a one-channel in/one-channel out configuration. EVS is currently working on supporting 4K live replays using a two-channel in/one-channel out configuration, allowing a single XT3 server to continuously record two 4K cameras while providing 4K instant replays and highlights.
The 4K XT3 server will be controlled using EVS’LSM panel. Existing LSM users won’t need any additional training to manage instant replays with slow-motion effects, clipping and highlights operations.
EVS will announce the availability of the XT3 server’s new 4K live replay features in the near future.
EVS partners with Sporting Innovations to trial stadium second-screen experiences at Sporting Park
EVS has partnered with Sporting Innovations, a provider of software and technology solutions for the sports and entertainment industry, to trial a second-screen experience at Sporting Park, home of MLS team Sporting Kansas City. Integrating C-Cast, EVS’ second-screen solution with the venue’s existing Cisco and EVS infrastructure, the new technology allowed a test group, made up of fans, to access action replays and alternative angles on their tablets and smartphones over the stadium’s Wi-Fi during the game.
EVS’ C-Cast technology allows fan test group at Sporting KC stadium to review multi-angles action on their tablets and smartphones over the stadium’s Wi-Fi during the game.
C-Cast enables live highlights from Sporting KC matches to enhance the spectator’s viewing experience by accessing unused camera angles and replays from their existing EVS server and delivering them to second-screen devices anywhere in the stadium. It can allow viewers to select replays, other video packages, graphics and information relating to the game. Sporting Innovations deployed the proof of concept during the 2013 season home opener against Chicago on March 16, and is currently undergoing extensive testing at subsequent matches.
Nano Air - new playout software controller for TV studios and on stage entertainment
Combined with EVS’ XSnano standard servers, it integrates smoothly with any file-based workflow and offers reliable, cost-effective multichannel playout capabilities for broadcasters, studios and rental facilities.
Designed for simple studio playout and studio branding worflows, Nano Air enables simultaneous playback of up to four HD or SD channels from the XSnano server to several destinations, including background studios and stage screens. It can also play out the programme’s elements to switchers for on-air playout.
“Nano Air offers cost-effective, easy-to-operate multi-channel playout with the renowned reliability of EVS servers,” said Pierre Mestrez Market Solution Manager at EVS. “It provides a comprehensive range of advanced playout management capabilities at a very attractive price point.”
With its flexible channel configuration, Nano Air is optimised for multiple applications, including instant playout of imported audio/visual files, clipping, and playlist playout control. Comprehensive support for complete file-based workflows and all input formats enables easy import of audio/visual files to be played out. It also offers transcoding capabilities at import.
Nano Air offers frame-accurate synchronised gang channel playout for applications such as fill and key, with loop playout capability enabling non-stop playout of animations or graphics. It also offers efficient playlist management control including playlist modification without interrupting playout.

LSM Connect - powerful new tablet-based app for enhanced content and playlist management
The new solution, which extends the product portfolio of EVS Sports, is an optional companion to the MulticamLSM panel, which is used by more than 7000 operators across the globe for the vast majority of live sports broadcasting.
Directly connected to the LSM remote and the XT live production server, LSM Connect gives operators instant access to, and control of, all clips and playlists created during live broadcast production using the MulticamLSM controller. Designed with input from LSM operators, the app increases production efficiency by making operations - such as clip indexing, searching, and drag-and-drop playlist creation - quicker and easier to manage.
“LSM Connect is the beginning of a new chapter in the industry-standard LSM user surface,” said Luc Doneux, EVP Sports Division at EVS. “As part of our ongoing efforts to develop practical innovations that improve live outside broadcast operations, LSM Connect delivers unmatched flexibility and efficiency, giving operators more time to focus on creative tasks.”
It will be available in the second quarter of 2013.
MultiReview solution for enriched live production replay
New tool to extend LSM capabilities and enhance EVS Sports’ product portfolio.
MultiReview is a new advanced multi-review solution for EVS Sports, the new market division of EVS focusing on sports business activities. Aimed at facilitating the job of LSM operators and assistant directors, MultiReview will enable users to browse camera angles simultaneously to ensure live replay and editing decisions can be made instantly.
MultiReview provides a unique and centralised access point for monitoring all cameras of the live production in one GUI. Taking lo-res feeds created by XT3 servers, users benefit by being able to easily coordinate replay sequences, manage highlights autonomously and load content on a playout channel of a server - making the creation of replay sequences from any camera on the network even more efficient.
“MultiReview is a unique new production tool that has been created to help slomo directors make live replay and editing decisions on-the-fly and enrich their live productions,” said Luc Doneux, EVP Sports at EVS. “It will also help extend the capabilities of the LSM and provide a more streamlined process for replaying sequences and managing highlights.”
The MultiReview will be officially released in Q4 2013.