2012. november 09.

SONY PX Series "Mirroring Memory Stick" with Dual Recording

World’s First Memory Card with “Mirroring” Function Delivers High Reliability and Data Security

Sony is introducing the PX Series “Mirroring Memory Stick” recording media the world’s first professional memory card with a mirroring function. Designed for use with professional NXCAM camcorders, the new cards can deliver high reliability and data security through a dual recording (mirroring) function.

The mirroring function splits the recordable space of the PX series card into two sections, allowing users to record to both areas simultaneously. If the content on one area is damaged, the content recorded to the other area remains undamaged and secured for playback.


The PX Series provides stability through the adoption of high-quality flash memory and an intelligent memory card controller. The PX series’ unique “Memory Media Utility” software uses a “Replacement Notice” feature to alert users when the card is nearing its limit for overwrite cycles so they can replace the card.

"Secure Access” reduces the risk of important content stored on the PX series cards from being accessed by unauthorized users. Access to the content is possible only by using specific hardware, for example Sony compatible NXCAM* camcorders, or a PC on which the content was previously password-protected using the “Memory Media Utility” software.

(*NEX-EA50EH or future models introduced in 2nd half of year 2012 or later)

The software also enables functions designed to enhance a professional video workflow including: a high-speed writing mode to increase writing speed up to 2x; a standard mode that allows users to turn off the mirroring mode and record longer using the card’s full capacity; a back-up function that lets users copy recorded content on a PX series card to three locations simultaneously; and a formatting function to re-format a PX series card quickly, deleting all the content.


Sony’s File Rescue Software can help recover photos and videos that may have been accidentally deleted. File Rescue is the only software that can support the latest 3D AVCHD file formats and the newest version now adds more advanced capabilities such as support for RAW stills and MOV files, as well as Full HD 60p/50p video files. The software is available for free download at eu/datarescue/index.html

The cards’ grey back provides improved visibility when removing the card outdoors or in dark shooting conditions. A small, transparent media case with strap hole protects the card from shock and dust and helps reduce the risk of misplacing the media. Users can also easily identify the card’s memo area without having to open the case.

Information on the new cards is available at

The new Sony PX Series “Mirroring Memory Stick” offer 3 different capacities: 16GB, & 32GB available from October 2012 and 64GB available from November 2012.