2012. október 30.

SONY kamera újdonságok: PMW-F5, PMW-F55 és F65

Truly gorgeous HD – the PMW-F5

For incredibly vivid HD, start with the 4K imager of the F5. You’ll get superior, super-sampled pictures with noticeably higher contrast, rich colour reproduction and greater clarity.

This is the next generation of the popular F3, offering modular design, professional OLED viewfinder and industry standard PL mount. The multi codec camera from Sony is offering a high diversity of recording modes, integrating the new XAVC codec for 4K and HFR shooting as well as HD422 50Mbps HDTV standard.

Irresistible features include the amazing precision of 16-bit linear RAW 2K/4K recording, and high-speed shooting at up to 120fps.

Widening 4K production – the PMW-F55

The PMW-F55, big sister of the F5, will give you the possibility to shoot up to 4K without an external recorder. Its 4K image sensor incorporates a revolutionary electronic global shutter removing main CMOS motion artifacts. You get superb dynamic range, wide colour gamut, and pristine image quality.

The ultimate image performance – the F65

The F65 sits at the very top of Sony's family of cameras for cinematography through a combination of astonishing picture quality, ultra-secure SRMemory media and established workflow. Find out what's new and how leading cinematographers are using the camera to capture the imagination of their audience like never before.