2016. április 15.

CEDAR DNS 2 portable dialogue noise suppressor

DNS that anyone can use anywhere. Small, portable, analogue and digital I/O , phantom power, 12V power
In response to the many requests for a '2-channel DNS 8 Live' (which we began receiving almost from the moment that we announced the DNS 8 Live itself) we undertook to find out what people really wanted from such a device. It soon became clear that this was not simply fewer channels, but something much smaller, lighter, and more portable that could be used on location as well as in the studio or edit suite. So we developed the DNS 2, which satisfies all of these criteria, and many more.

It's incredibly simple to use; its new DNS algorithm requires nothing more than switching on the Learn function that identifies and adapts to the background noise and then dialing in the amount of noise attenuation required. As always, this offers near-zero latency, so that the DNS 2 can be used for live sound and live broadcast. And, as always, it eliminates traffic noise, air conditioning, wind, rain, babble and general background noise from audio signals. It will also help to compensate for unfavourable acoustic conditions and poor microphone placement, and will even suppress excessive reverberation.

Yet despite being so small and light that you can slip it inside a pocket or equipment bag, the DNS 2 offers analogue line and ultra low-noise microphone inputs (the latter with switchable 48V phantom powering), an AES digital input, and both analogue and digital outputs. With its 12V power input and mounting points for use with other equipment, sound engineers can use it in the middle of a field as easily as in the studio or the edit suite.